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FBMX BMX Forum / Sessions / friday mega session, april 11th, 2003 Moderated by mattesque  
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Posts from back in the day.

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on friday afternoon Flash decided that he wanted to hit up confederation park in burnaby, so he swung by my place and we headed over there. burnaby is a fun park that's mostly wedgey/ledgey with a bunch of banks and a wierd bowl that some people love off to the side. when we got there all the locals were out with their picinic table so we had a really good session. the ledges on the fun box here are so good for me, smooth and fast, i rode it so much we didn't get any pictures of it (too busy riding to sit there with a camera). i finally smithed down a slope and the downhill ledge was also perfect for levetators so i was stoked. Flash was flying around riding the pyramids trails style like the locals and boosting the hip. here's pic number one:

the locals had the picinic table out and were fufanuing the benches and doing fakie wallrides on it. i got in on the action with a regular wallride, you can see two of them holding the table.

click 'Read More...' for the rest of the story.

Flash learned these 90?s over the hip to stalled fufanu (i got kinda artsy on this one, the colours and contrast in this photo have been doctored).

i don't know this guys name but he was busting turndowns over the pyramid hip, pulled a few fakie wallrides (one for himself and two for my film camera), and this nice sprocket stall.

expect to see lots of these in the future, Flash learned x-ups and is working on getting them more and more tweaked.

so after three hours at burnaby we called it quits, i went home and Flash went to watch a movie. i fell asleep during law & order, svu, but by midnight i was awake again and energetic enough to go ride. i called mattesque and he and Flash were already out and nearly on their way to ladner so i got in on the deal just in time and they swung by to pick me up.

when we got to ladner we were the only ones there except for one skater who was chillin' in his car listening to eminem (what a shocker). a cop came by to give the body search treatment to the skater but left us alone so we got a good long session in. ladner has lights all night, not very bright ones, but bright enough to ride. we started taking photos after a while and decided to do the rounds, each getting a good photo before moving on to the next guy, and around and around it went:

Flash found this new way up onto the platform above the stairs, via the transition bank, nosebonking over the ledge.

mattesque was getting these high speed feeble grinds all the way up, across, and down the funbox. smooth.

i like this toothpick grind photo for two reasons, i was sliding them really far and the flash makes it look like my back wheel is exploding.

Flash was going pretty fast on these icepick grinds on the funbox. i made him do about six of them before i got the picture that i liked.

next we made mattesque bust out the footplant on the bank. he didn't like it much because the bank isn't very steep but the photo turned out good.

after matt's footplant it was my turn again and i had to think of another trick to do. they made me do a smith down the downhill ledge earlier but i thought that a manual would make a really good photo and we got a nice one.

Flash was up again and he saw me trying to toothpick bonk the rail, i was really close but i never pulled it. one time me and him bonked the same rail at the art gallery, me toothpicking and him icepicking, so it only made sense for him to icepick bonk this rail.

well it ended up that mattesque was up again the only problem was that he couldn't think of another trick to pull. i thought up this toothpick bonk on the quarter, the only problem was that he had to learn it first. after 10 or so tries he pulled it, unfortunatly the flash was charging and i didn't take a picture that time. it looked pretty much like this though.

well after all that we forgot about my turn and started fooling around with the self timer instead, i'll start first next time. the self timer ended up being really hard to manage but we did end up getting some sort of a pic with all of us in it.

j, Flash, and mattesque, tire tapping trio.

after a while we got sick of taking photos and just rode the banana for a while, i lost and found the bolt holding the london mod onto my frame and matt didn't break a seatpost bolt so everything worked out. it was a good late night session. if you like having a park all to yourself go to ladner.

Oct. 31, 2004 11:39 AM

From: Vancouver Chinatown
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Archives wrote:

if you like having a park all to yourself go to ladner.

Fucking rights.

3 hour session in the day at Confed and then a night session the same night? Jesus Christ. Those were the days.

FEEBLE*BMX Vimeo Channel

Sep. 18, 2010 12:59 AM

From: Vancouver
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No doubt, where does our energy even goto nowadays?!??

Love those shots!

Sep. 18, 2010 9:39 AM

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