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FBMX BMX Forum / Name This Forum / ubc session, oct. 30th, 2002 Moderated by mattesque  
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Posts from back in the day.

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smith grind.

me and flash and o.e. got together last night for a little street ride out at UBC. none of us had really been on a real ride since we got back from our hope trip so we all had lots of energy to burn. me and o.e. went out to UBC and waited at my favorite ledges for flash to get there (actually we went for coffee for 30 minutes first). this right side ledge goes down a three stair and then the walkway turns 90?s and there's another three stair with a left side ledge. it's a super fun spot for combos and stuff.

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feeble grind.


flash got the camera out and took a few photos and then we decided to shoot a few sequences. the only problem is that his camera doesn't take sequences so we had to do them the hard way, pull the trick once for each photo in the sequence. first we did a sequence of me feeble grinding to toothpick bonk out:

feeble to toothpick bonk.

then we moved across the street and rode this slope with a line at the end landing on a flat area.

o.e. barspins.

i crankflip.

flash did some flatland down the slope and i tried a fire hydrent down the slope and got going too fast and i had to jump off. then we took a 180? one-hander sequence of o.e.:

one-hand 180?.

eventually we got bored of the slope and went down the street to the white flat bar. last week me and o.e. were out there riding and we hid a sheet of plywood somewhere and this week it was still there so we had our run up to the bar in place. usually you can only hit the last 4 feet of the bar but with a well placed piece of ply you can hit the whole thing. flash was riding some flat area action while me and o.e. double pegged the bar for a while. i grinded the whole thing a couple of times and o.e. pulled a nice double peg to x-ride.


crazy lights.

flash started taking pics with the crazy lighting effects and me and o.e. started trying some photo worth manuevers.

levetator grind.

feeble grind.

later levetator.

then we were sitting there and o.e. said, "should i try to smith it?" i told him he could do it, "it's just like a ledge" i said. so he pulled it first try and we hid the wood and got the hell out of there while things were going good.

smith grind on the rail bitch.

then we headed down to the clocktower wallride. it was so dark there that you couldn't even see the wall but me and flash used the force and each did it once. we were going to take a sequence of flash riding the wall but it was so dark it didn't seem like there was a point in taking any photos. we decided to head over to the yellow sculpture and the white ledges over the gravel gaps. we started riding the gravel gap ledge and i was having a hard time with it for some reason but i did pull a nice smith on the back side. o.e. was feeble grinding the gap pretty easily and pulled a feeble to x-ride so he started trying to smith the gap. while he worked on that i took some photos of flash (most of them he deleted).


squeeker, to half-whip.

then i went over and took a bunch of pics of o.e. smithing the white ledge until he pulled the gap.

smith grind.

getting the angles.

gap bonus 500 points.

then we got some drinks and couldn't think of anywhere else out at UBC to ride so we went out to a mcdonalds parking lot where there's a ledge that o.e. wanted to ride to finish off the night. it's just a driveway with a couple of ledges running beside it but it's pretty fun and there's a nice manual pad right there too. i learned doublepeg to feeble to fakie (you don't have to spin out much to get to fakie on this ledge because of the slope) and manualed the gap, and o.e. learned sprocket barspins and double peg to feeble to sprocket to fakie. here's some pics:

sprocket barspin to fakie.

sprocket barspin from another angle.

feeble stall to fakie.

doublepeg stall, to feeble, over to smith.

that's it, it was cold out but we had a really good session. -j.

Oct. 31, 2004 11:39 AM
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