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FBMX BMX Forum / Sessions / Belleville, Michigan: Typical Session Moderated by mattesque  
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Posts from back in the day.

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Belleville, Michigan sucks. But we made the best of it on July 4th. it started off my going to my friend Mike's house. We rode his trails for a couple of minutes. But it was to damn hot so we went into his house. watched a movie by Michigan Distruction  (www.bmx.cc) called Partical Explosion. Then we worked on his brand new Kink Fiend. took out a link, then put on a fatter chain and took a link out on that. then when we got all that lined up. We got some wooden flats. stacked them up. Fufanued/abubaca'd that for a little while.

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Then we got some milk crates out of his garage, stacked them up, put a garbage can between it and a tree. did some sprocket stalls. Then I tried to icepick peg bonk. well, since it was plastic. It grabbed my peg and the whole thing fell over. so we went back to fufanuing it. then we went for a night session of street riding. We hopped in my friend Josh's truck and went to this driving school place which used to be a post office. so they had loading docks. Josh smithed the entire thing (25 feet) and took the 4 foot drop off of the ledge. I tried a couple ally-oop feebles. landed one. just couldn't ballance. mike did come good wall rides and icepicks. then we left for the fire station. Mike double Peg'd the steal guard rail. I feeble'd this long concrete ledge. Then we all said we were hungury and took off for Burger King.

           We rode up there. doing 360 tailtaps on ledges along the way. I boosted over the hood of a neon. we got there bunnyhopped to manualed this grass island. ate. then I relized I had 10 min to get my ass to the center of town. about a mile or so. So I kinda took off fast because my mom hates it when I'm even the slightest bit late. I bunnyhopped some garbage cans. and got there with plunty of time. in fact I went to the ice cream shop and did some icepick stalls for the crowd of hungry on-lookers. then I saw my mom's car pull up and that's when I came here and typed up this article.

Oct. 31, 2004 11:39 AM

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