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"Well, if they started building this park with the bowl, they must have shot the park deginer, and replaced him with a chimp to build the rest of it." Haha, this is a quote from an Aldergrove local and it's pretty accurate. Take a look at the photo. The main feature is a perfect little, 3 leaf clover bowl. One part is about 5' deep, one part is about 3 1/2' deep and the shallow end is about 3' deep. It's pretty tight but the trannies are perfect and it's super fun to find lines in this thing. The rest of the park is basically a poorly built street park. There's a steep bank at one end leading down to a pyramid with even steeper sides. The pyramid obviously wasn't designed by a skater, it's so steep it's nearly impossible to ride and the back side sends you out of the park into the grass. There is a skinny ledge on one side and on the other side there is a small curving asphault bank. There's a small hip at one end of the bank and a tiny rail and left side ledge going down a small 6-stair at the other. If you want to ride a street park hit up Abbotsford or something. Then hit Aldergrove on your way back and spend a few hours playing in the clover bowl.

From the #1 Highway take the 264th St. exit. Look for Zoo signs. Head south on 264th and eventually you will hit a major intersection with a Tim Hortons on one side. This is the Fraiser Highway. Keep going straight until you see 29th Ave. There should be a sign pointing to the Community Centre. Turn left onto 29th Ave. and look for a parking lot on your right just before the High School. It's near the back of the parking lot, behind the Community Centre and High School.

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